10 Ornamental Trees To Spruce Up Your Belleville Home

Our top 10 ornamental tree picks for Belleville

The trees in your Belleville home can provide much-needed shade in the summer and beautiful colors in the fall and spring. But did you know that some trees can also add an extra touch of elegance to your yard?
Ornamental trees are a great way to spruce up your home and add value to your property. Here are 10 of the best ornamental trees to consider for your Belleville home

1. Malus coronaria (Flowering Crab)

One of the most beautiful trees found in the Bay of Quinte is the flowering crabapple tree. This tree is prized for its abundant profusion of delicate, fragrant blooms that attract bees and other pollinators. The flowers can range in color from bright pink to white, and they usually bloom in late spring or early summer.
In the fall, the crabapple tree produces small, vibrant, and edible fruit that are enjoyed by birds and other wildlife. These trees also have attractive, glossy leaves that turn a lovely shade of yellow or red in the fall, creating a stunning display of color. Whether planted in a garden, park, or lining a street, the flowering crabapple tree is a true delight and a beloved feature of the Bay of Quinte region.
Belleville Tree Service Flowering Crabapple

2. Acer rubrum (Red Maple)

When selecting a tree for your Belleville home, you may want to consider Acer rubrum, or the red maple tree. This ornamental tree can be found in many front and backyard settings, and it’s a great choice for those who want both shade and beauty. Acer rubrum is an excellent choice because of its multi-seasonal interest and vivid fall colors.
This tree grows at a moderate rate, reaching a height of up to 50 feet and a spread of up to 40 feet. It has a rounded shape with an umbrella-like canopy and prominent, upright branches. In the spring, the tree’s foliage is a blushing red color; by the summer, it’s a deep green; in the fall, it transforms into a bright orange and yellow. This is a deciduous tree, losing its leaves in the winter.
Red maple trees need plenty of water and love the sun, so make sure your location has full sun and well-drained soil. You’ll also want to watch for borers and cankers, two of the tree’s most common problems.
red maple - belleville tree service

3. Amelanchier arborea (Downy Serviceberry)

Coming in third place for our list of ornamental trees for Belleville homes is Amelanchier arborea, or the downy serviceberry tree. This beautiful ornamental tree will add a unique flair to your landscape, with its showy white flowers and attractive fall foliage. Amelanchier arborea reaches heights of up to 30 feet and spreads up to 25 feet wide. It has a pyramidal growth habit and fragrant white flowers that bloom in spring. The tree’s foliage is deep green throughout the summer and changes to an attractive blend of orange, yellow and bright red in the fall.
This tree prefers full sun or partial shade and well-drained soil. It requires regular watering in the summer months and occasional deep watering during dry spells. The downy serviceberry is a deciduous tree and will lose its foliage in the winter months. Amelanchier arborea is low maintenance and an excellent choice for those who love beautiful trees with minimal upkeep.
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4. Betula papyrifera (Paperbark Birch)

Fourth on our list of ornamental trees for Belleville homes is Betula papyrifera, or the paperbark birch. This lovely tree is sometimes referred to as the white birch or canoe birch due to its papery white bark. The unique and attractive bark is the defining feature of this remarkable tree. Betula papyrifera is a deciduous tree with a spread of up to 40 feet and a height of up to 70 feet. It has a pyramidal growth habit and produces light-green ostrich-feather shaped foliage. In the summer months, yellow-green blossoms bloom, while in the fall they turn an attractive golden-orange hue.
This tree prefers full sun to partial shade and rich, well-drained soil. It requires occasional deep watering during dry spells and thrives in warm summers. The paperbark birch is an excellent choice for those looking for an ornamental tree with low maintenance and a truly distinctive look.
white paper birch - belleville tree service

5. Crataegus crus-galli (Cockspur Hawthorn)

Fifth on our list of ornamental trees for Belleville homes is Crataegus crus-galli, or the cockspur hawthorn. This attractive tree is a slow-growing, deciduous tree with a spread of up to 40 feet, a height of up to 40 feet, and a rounded growth habit. It has deep-green, serrated foliage and produces white flowers in the early spring. In the late summer, dark-red fruits called haws appear, which attract various species of birds and animals.
The cockspur hawthorn prefers full sun and almost any type of soil. It is drought- tolerant and requires little maintenance, although it occasionally requires pruning to maintain its shape. This ornamental tree is perfect for those looking for a low-maintenance ornamental tree that adds interest to their landscape in all seasons.

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6. Erica carnea (Winter Heath)

Sixth on the list of ornamental trees for Belleville homes is Erica carnea, or the winter heath. This ecological evergreen is a slow-growing, mounding shrub with a spread of up to 4 feet and a height of up to 8 feet. It has leathery, small, dark-green leaves and attractive, tubular flowers clustered in tight spikes of up to 11 inches long. These flowers vary in color depending on the cultivar, but they typically range from pink to white.
The winter heath is incredibly versatile and is capable of thriving in full sun or partial shade, acidic or neutral soils, and is even hardy enough to survive the cold winter temperatures of Belleville. This shrub is drought-tolerant, so it requires minimal upkeep. Unlike most other ornamental trees, however, the winter heath does need to be pruned every year in order to maintain its shape and promote new growth. This versatile shrub is perfect for those who want an evergreen that is sure to bring some character to their landscape!

7. Euonymus alatus (Burning Bush)

Seventh on the list of ornamental trees for Belleville homes is Euonymus alatus, or the burning bush. This deciduous shrub is a unique and hardy plant, capable of withstanding strong winds, air pollution, and temperature variations. Burning bush grows very quickly and can reach heights of up to 12 feet, with a spread of up to 10 feet.
Burning bush has oval, dark green leaves, which turn a rich burgundy-red in the fall, giving it its distinctive name. This shrub is highly fragrant, with small “flowers” that develop in the spring, followed by red fruits that are attractive to birds. It does best in full sun and is suitable for a variety of soil types.
The burning bush is a relatively low-maintenance shrub, requiring minimal pruning and fertilizing. Thanks to its hardiness and vibrant color, it is a great addition to any landscaping project, providing a unique and eye-catching feature.
burning bush - belleville tree service

8. Juniperus virginiana (Eastern Red Cedar)

The eighth ornamental tree perfect for Belleville homes is Juniperus virginiana – commonly known as Eastern Red Cedar. This bush is a great choice for anyone wanting to add an evergreen touch to their landscaping designs.
Eastern red cedars are slow-growing but disease-resistant evergreens. On average, they will reach a maximum height of 18 feet and a maximum spread of 15 feet, so they make a great choice for small yards. The foliage is a nice rich blue-green color during the summer and a light gray-green during the winter.
This shrub is low-maintenance and can tolerate a variety of soil types, from acidic to alkaline, and can withstand drought and wind resistance. It grows well in sunny or partially shaded spots and requires minimal pruning and fertilizing to keep it looking its best.
The Eastern red cedar may not be as popular as some other ornamental trees, but it has its unique characteristics that make it a great choice for Belleville homesteads.

9. Larix decidua (European Larch)

Number nine on our list of the top 10 ornamental trees perfect for Belleville homes is Larix decidua – commonly known as the European larch. This deciduous conifer tree is a great choice for homeowners looking to add a more colorful addition to their landscape.
The European larch can reach heights of about 90 feet when fully grown, with a spread of approximately 25 feet. Its foliage has a beautiful gold to reddish orange color in the autumn, with the wood turning a light yellow. It has broad, flat needles, which give it a more expansive and elegant appearance.
The European larch is a fast-growing tree, with a good tolerance for poor soils, droughts, and clay, which makes it ideal for areas with heavy or clay soils. It also tolerates a variety of soil pH, as well as polluted city environments.
Overall, the European larch is a great option if you are looking for an ornamental tree with a unique aesthetic appeal. If your Belleville home has a large area, this tree’s long spread and fast-growing qualities make it a great choice.
european larch - belleville tree service

10. Pinus strobus (Eastern White Pine)

Rounding out our list of the top 10 ornamental trees perfect for Belleville homes is the beloved Pinus strobus, commonly known as the Eastern white pine. This evergreen conifer is a popular choice for homeowners looking to bring a classic, elegant vibe to their Belleville home.
The Eastern white pine can reach heights of almost 200 feet when fully grown, with a spread of around 20 feet. Its foliage has a soft gray-green hue, with the wood turning an attractive reddish brown. It has long slender needles, which give it a more tasteful and mature look.
The Eastern white pine is surprisingly tolerant of a variety of soil conditions, well-draining soil being preferred. It is known for being able to acquire higher elevation attributes at lower elevations as it can survive even severe cold temperatures.Its long lifespan and fast-growing qualities make it a great choice. It is sure to bring a traditional touch to your Belleville home.
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