Top 6 dangerous trees for removal

What are the dangers involved in cutting down trees?

When you are felling trees, the only certainty is that it will be hazardous.  The uncertainty of where, when and how a tree will fall is the main challenge in cutting down trees.  It could be on a power line or a gas line or other utility or it might cause damage to people or property.

When cutting or trimming trees, the risk of falling limbs and branches is also a major safety hazard.  The force of getting hit by a tree branch can be deadly, even if your are wearing a hard hat and other protective gear. The potential of gravity pulling the limb to the ground in an unexpected direction is always present.  Using ladders for tree work is also dangerous, especially when they are hit by fallen tree debris. 

There are some circumstances, however, that make it especially dangerous to attempt cutting down a tree. In this article, we share the top 6 dangerous trees for removal.

What are “dangerous trees”?

There is no doubt that removing trees from your property can be dangerous. But some tree removal jobs are particularly dangerous and you need to treat them with priority and respect.

Cutting down a tree on your own is not an easy task for many people. Even those who maintain trees on their own property should not attempt a dangerous tree removal.  The removal of dangerous trees should only be done by professionals who are trained and certified to do the job.

Some trees are especially dangerous for a variety of reasons

  1. Tree Size – Sometimes trees that are very large that need to be removed. Large trees should be left to the professionals to cut, due to the heights involved, the need to bring a tree down in sections, and the machinery required.
  2. Age and rot –  Old, rotting trees can be dangerous if left standing because they pose a danger of falling unexpectedly. Because these trees can be unpredictable, they can be dangerous for those attempting to remove them.
  3. Affected by High Wind – Small tree trunks and limbs can be broken by high wind storms. A time bomb is created when the limbs get stuck on the trees and could fall to the ground at any time.
  4. Presence of Heavy Snowfall – Heavy snowfall and ice storms can break large limbs on the tree, creating a hazard. Heavy snow or ice can bring down branches, or even an entire tree.
  5. Trees falling into one another – If a tree does not fall to the ground, it is only a matter of time before it breaks loose or breaks the tree that it is leaning on. It might happen at the worst possible moment, endangering the lives of those around it.
  6. Proximity to Power Lines – Tree hazards include live wires, high-voltage electrical lines, and trees that fall on power lines. If a tree is touching a live wire, it can create a serious risk of electrocution or other injury. To protect yourself from such risks, make sure that all trees and branches around your home are trimmed properly and safely.

Regardless of the reason, tree care professionals should always be handling dangerous tree removal.

How to safely remove a tree

Safety is paramount when working on any home ownership project — from a simple doorknob repair to a $500,000 commercial development. While tree trimming may not sound like a dangerous job, it can lead to deadly situations if done improperly.

To ensure safety during tree removal, at Belleville Tree Service we use the proper equipment and methods to reduce the risk of injury to workers and bystanders. Our expert arborists understand tree physics and use the best practices to ensure safety during tree removal.

With so many risks involved, it’s better to leave tree removal to the professionals. Don’t take on tree removal by yourself unless you know truly what you’re doing.

Belleville Tree Service – here to help you with safe tree removal

Successful tree care work is all about teamwork. You need a variety of people working together to ensure safety and accuracy. You also need the right tools and machines. The best way to get what you need is to work with an experienced arborist who knows trees.

It is very important to assess the situation and understand how the trees will fall, whether due to natural or human conditions, as well as what precautions need to be taken to keep others from being harmed. Professional arborists can help you evaluate all options, create a plan and take action to get rid of these hazards as quickly and safely as possible.

Trees have been an integral part of our culture for millennia and it is one of the first ways of modifying their environment that humans learned to do. While this has been done for thousands of years, it is still a dangerous process that requires expertise and the right equipment. Call us today for an estimate for your tree removal project: 613-902-1095.