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Soil Remediation

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Soil Remediation - Cross section turf with good soil content

Soil Remediation

Trees play a significant role in our environment. They clean and purify the air we breathe, they stabilize the soil by improving drainage and by trapping and absorbing carbon.  Trees also play a crucial role in stabilizing erosion, enhancing water quality, improving property values, and attracting wildlife. Unfortunately, not all trees have healthy root systems.


One common problem affecting the health of tree roots is soil compaction. Soil compaction is caused by repeated use of heavy equipment, traffic, foot traffic, or poor soil conditions. This compression force squeezes the roots, preventing them from absorbing water and nutrients. Compacted soil also inhibits tree roots  from developing deep, fibrous, and strong roots, making it more difficult for trees to recover from drought or root disease.

Our tree service company employs trained soil rejuvenators. These professionals will use specialized machinery, such as vibrating plate compactors, to loosen compacted soil. They will then incorporate the loosened soil into the existing soil profile.

Yet, it is still important to keep an eye on your trees. We encourage our clients to inspect their trees for signs of soil compaction. If you see any signs of soil compaction, be sure to contact our company.

We encourage all of our clients to keep their trees healthy. This is best accomplished by:

1.  Keeping your trees well-watered.

2.  Using a mulch to retain moisture.

3.  Using a tree-care program that includes regular fertilization and pesticide application.

4.  Using a tree-care program that includes regular pruning.

5.  Regularly checking your trees for signs of soil compaction.

Belleville Tree Service can assist you in keeping your trees healthy.