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tree planting

Tree Planting

The key to successful gardening is using proper procedures and identifying plants for your site. We help Belleville homeowners and businesses review possible varieties and enable you choose the suitable trees for your property.

Planting trees can also add to the beauty of your home and give you the pleasure of a healthier and more vibrant yard. We work with you to provide you with all the information you need to make the right choice.

Your choice of trees will be guided by the following considerations:

  • Soil type and moisture content.
  • How much sun the tree will receive.
  • How close it will be to your house and driveway.
  • How much space you have.
  • How many other trees you already have.
  • How much space is left in your yard.
  • The mature height of the tree.
  • The mature size of the tree.

We will help you determine which species or cultivar you should choose. We’ll also help you learn how to properly care for the trees you choose. And if you need any help with landscaping, we can offer you advice and help you plan the best way to landscape your property. For more information on tree care and landscaping in Belleville, Ontario and the Bay of Quinte region, contact us today.